About iLoveKickboxing.com:

Troy, MI Fitness Kickboxing Classes

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There's something that makes our program very unique com-
pared to the endless array of fat loss programs that are out
there. See, we created our program a little "backwards". Here's
what I mean...

Most fitness programs are created like this:

Person A loves fitness. Person A creates a fitness program
based around what he loves. He then tells the world about it.

We created ours like this:

We love fitness and helping people lose weight. But rather
than try to give people what we thought they wanted... we went
out and asked people what they want. Then, we created a
program that gives the people exactly what they're looking for.

That's why...

  • Every workout with us is different. We heard countless stories of people being bored to death with dull routines... trainers who lacked passion... and boring exercise equipment.
  • We swore that every workout we gave our members would be a jolt of excitement,
    enthusiasm and energy.

  • You get support and accountability. We heard about how hard other programs are to stick to because of a lack of community and support. So we created an environment that oozes positivity and energy.
  • Our members talk to each other and support each other. Friendships are born everyday. And your instructors are here for you every step, motivating you, pushing you to try your hardest, and answering your questions.

  • You get clear, concise, effective nutritional support. We heard from people like you that food and diet is the trickiest part to getting in shape and losing weight. We constructed a nutritional report that tells you everything you need to know.
  • It's loaded with recipes, tips, tricks and more. It's easy to use, full of down-to-earth language, and as a member, it's yours free.

Together, these elements form a fitness program
that's so fun & effective...You just might get addicted.

In fact, we hear from our members all the time that the workouts are so awesome - they just can't wait to come back for more. Because when you finally get the support, the exciting workouts, and the nutritional info you need - results happen, fast.

And once they start, they never stop. Your body will transform before your eyes, and you'll enjoy every minute of it. The scale will show new numbers. The mirror will show a new reflection.

And you'll know that it's your hard work that got you there.

I hope you'll give our program in Troy, Michigan a shot. We'd love nothing more than to help you reach your goals and dreams, too.