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A "Sneak Peek" Into Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes...

With our program, no two classes are ever the same. You'll do new exercises, learn twists on old ones, and have fun punching and kicking the fat right off your body. Every class is broken into three phases. Here's what you can expect from each...

Phase 1: Top-Notch Conditioning

To start class off, you'll go through a barrage of fun, fat-
melting exercises that work you from head to toe.
These are
the same kinds of exercises pro fighters use to get so lean and
toned. They include: squats, jumping squats, variations on
pushups, planks, lunges, crunches, and more. You're
guaranteed to learn and experience exercises
you've never seen before.

Phase 2: Stretch & Catch Your Breath

Stretching is an important part of every workout. But
most fitness programs have you stretch before you
start exercising.
The truth is, stretching is the most effective
when you're muscles are loose and warmed up. You'll improve your
flexibility, get limber, and get a minute to catch your breath before the
"fun" part begins...

Phase 3: The Kickboxing

Now that your whole body has been worked out and stretched - it's
time to have some fun on the heavy bag. You'll strap on your
boxing gloves (which you get for free with your trial membership)
and punch and kick the fat right off your body.
You'll learn multiple
kinds of punches, kicks, and combinations of the two for a fun workout
unlike any other. Burn fat, melt away stress, and have fun - every time.